On Tuesday, May 14,2013 Rob was diagnosed with Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma. Only four weeks later, Rob passed away on Tuesday, June 11, 2013. He is no longer suffering from this terrible cancer and is now resting in peace in heaven. He was surrounded by his family and friends. Rob was only 42 years old and though most of us cannot understand why he was taken so young, we all can agree, Rob lived his life to the fullest. Looking through pictures and videos, there is a common theme, Rob was always smiling. Rob was a wonderful Husband, Dad, Son, Brother and Friend. The day Rob was diagnosed he had a positive outlook and continued to with an occasional thumbs up during the four weeks. We were blessed and fortunate to have a brilliant team of expert doctors and nurses caring for him. They wanted a different outcome just as much as we did. We miss him dearly. In Rob’s honor, let’s raise some money to help the doctors learn more about lymphoma and find a cure! All the proceeds that the Rally For Rob team raise go towards the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!


Rob was a father of three. Loved his children dearly and would do anything for them and there was no doubt he would do anything for the love of his life.


If you ask Mom and Dad, I'm sure there were no favorites, but Rob was the first of three and held a special place in their hearts.


Rob had charisma that people were attracted to. He had more friends than the TV show. His friends loved him as much as he loved them